Quality Policy 

At Melter our mission is to provide technology solutions, both in design and manufacturing to the industries we serve. That is why we provide tailor-made components and systems that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. To that end we operate under a quality assurance system based on ISO-9001:2015 which allows us to establish and reach our objectives within a continuous improvement frame. It also allows us to fulfill our responsibilities to all interested parties within the organization, and live our core values generating a dynamic that improves development, and individual and organizational growth.

It is Melter’s quality policy to design and fabricate products that comply with the quality required by our customers. With this purpose, we have stablished a quality management system based on the international standard ISO: 9001:2008 which simultaneously allow us to establish and reach our objectives in a continuous improvement framework.

In order to achieve the quality levels we looking for to use the right facilities, machinery, personnel, procedures and quality control systems. In this way, we can be sure that every project that leaves Melter’s doors is fabricated to withstand and perform according to the requirements of our customer’s opperations.

Traveler sheets accompany all components during their fabrication processes. This is instrumental in determining at any time exactly what steps have been taken to assure the quality of our raw materials, documentation, welding materials, subasemblies and final products.

All our products are delivered alongside a quality dossier that includes information on the materials, welders, procedures and non destructive tests used to assure the quality you require.

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