What is it?

It is an alternative procedure that replaces the hydrostatic test, using pressurized inert gas in the water cooled components with an ultrasound leak detection equipment.



Replace the hydrostatic test by a pneumatic pressure test in order to avoid remnants of fluids (water or antifreeze) inside the water-cooled circuits and detect even the smallest leaking spots before shipping the fabricated items to our customers.

Remnants of liquids from hydrostatic test will freeze when exposed at low temperatures and will cause damages in pipes and welds.





This test applies to all water cooled equipment with headers to replace the hydrostatic test. This test takes place at the end of the fabrication process. No weld or torch-cut should be done on the equipment after the test was passed successfully.


Why this procedure?


– Allows to ship water-cooled components without any liquid remnants in the circuits in order to avoid freezing during winter.

– Faster than hydrostatic test.

-Contributes to the environmental care = Environmental friendly company.

Pneumatic test is more accurate than the hydrostatic test. It detects smaller leaking spots.


The equipment used in this test is so accurate that it can detect leaks that take up to 165 days to fill 13 inch.

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