10 Recommendations for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) Installation.

For proper installation of air-coolers, it is necessary to take as a guide the installation, start-up, operation and maintenance manuals supplied by the equipment manufacturer and to read the instructions in detail before performing any maneuvers on the equipment, it is important to read the procedures, safety and warning instructions, which allow the safe and continuous use of the air – coolers.

The following  are the 10 recommendations  for  the  installation  of  an  Air – Cooler:

1.- The equipment should be leveled on the anchor bolts, so that the sections can be drained naturally if there is condensation in service.

2.- Verify the pipe that corresponds to the size and location of the inlet and outlet nozzles for the pipe sections, as shown in the general arrangement drawing.

3.- Install flow by-pass pipes to be available in case of performing inspections or repairs. Depending on service conditions and flow, pipes should be installed for venting and drainage.

4.- For unexpected vibrations or loads, the pipeline must be supported independently of the exchanger.

5.- Temperature measuring systems and other necessary control instruments, shall be installed in accordance with the instructions provided by the equipment manufacturers.

6.- Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check that mechanical isolation is set at battery limit to prevent the entry of process fluid before start-up.

7.- All electric piping routes and instruments must be completed and the cabling installed, communication loops tested and revised in accordance with applicable engineering specifications of the project and the manufacturers of the system components.

8.- Bands and transmissions may be tensioned according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

8.1 The couplings must be properly aligned.

8.2 Do not obstruct motor ventilation.

9.- Check the motor assembly, wiring routing, motor idling to prove the direction of rotation and the value of the nominal current supplying the motor to be correct.

10.- Despite the care taken in handling the equipment during shipping and assembly maneuvers, the integrity of the anticorrosive protection may be damaged and must be identified for repair.


Francisco Pérez

Engineering Proposal

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

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