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We are proud to offer heavy wall equipment to our customers fabricated using state of the art machinery:

  • Plate roller with a capacity to roll up to 6” x 12’ plate
  • Plate cutting bed, CNC controlled, dry bed, 12’ x 62’ equipped with 6 oxy-gas nozzles to cut up to 12” CS plate and two plasma nozzles capable of cutting up to 2” SS plate.
  • Heat treatment furnace 19’ x 19’ x 65’ with modular design, capable of reducing the total length and number of burners in operation.
  • Submerged arc welder, tandem type with two welding tips in line, 1200 A & 1500 A, reach of 20’ x 20’
  • Electro slag lining equipment.
  • NDT as required for this kind of equipment.

An inherent part of this process, U2 ASME stamp, was obtained in Dec. 2010

With these new capabilities, we will now be able to process heavy wall equipment such as:

  • Steam Drums
  • Water Heater Feeders
  • Reactors
  • Columns
  • Spherical Storage tanks

Servicing the Petrochemical, Chemical, and Power Generation industries.

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